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Solar Rebates


The City of Lodi ELectric Utility (LEU) will be offering $450,000 in rebates for 2014 in support of customers who install solar/photovoltaic (PV) systems that meet City/LEU engineering criteria for system interconnection. Of this amount, $210,000 is earmarked for residential PV systems and $240,000 is earmarked for commercial and industrial PV systems. Rebates for both residential and commercial/industrial PV systems are $1.80/watt. Rebates are capped at 50% of the project cost with the maximum rebate for residential customers at $7,000 (per customer of record) and for commercial/industrial customers the maximum rebate at $40,000 (per customer of record). Rebate applications will be accepted January 1-31, 2014. In the event applications received exceed available funding, all eligible applications received will be entered into a lottery for selection on or about February 3, 2014. The program is now fully subscribed for 2014.

PV System

PV systems receiving rebates must comply with established State Standards, as well as City/LEU Engineering Specifications. As noted on the rebate application form, these standards include favorable or appropriate panel orientation, tilt of solar panels, and system warranties. In addition, program participants will be required to perform a LEU energy efficiency audit at no charge; accept terms and conditions contained in LEU “Electrical Interconnection and Net Metering Energy Metering Payment Agreement;" and obtain necessary building permits. The Interconnection/Net Metering Agreement and building permits can be obtained from the City of Lodi Community Development Department (located at City Hall, 221 W. Pine Street).

Finding a Licensed Solar Installation Contractor

Customers may select any licensed PV installation contractor of their choosing. PV system installers can be found in the telephone directory, or on web sites such as www.findsolar.com or the California Energy Commission web site at www.energy.ca.gov (once there, click on “Go Solar California!”).

Process for Obtaining PV (Solar) Rebates
The following steps take you through the process for obtaining a PV rebate from LEU.

  1. Obtain the complete solar PV application packet which also contains the Interconnection/Net Metering Agreement. This can be picked up at the City of Lodi Community Development Department at the time the customer or their selected PV system installer applies for a building permit.
  2. Customer is required to complete an energy audit. Click on the link below, complete the audit and submit to the LEU along with the completed application and sales contract.
  3. Once the customer has received appropriate building permits to construct the PV system, customer should proceed with the installation process. At this time, customer should notify LEU (call 333-6800, extension 2583) that construction has begun.
  4. Upon completion of the installation, customer or their chosen installer, must notify the City of Lodi Community Development Department to schedule a final inspection.
  5. Once the PV system is installed, confirmed operational, a final building permit has been issued, and the interconnection agreement has been signed, the customer must then submit to LEU the final project invoice/receipt and a copy of the PV system warranty in order for the rebate to be processed.
  6. Rebates are ONLY issued after the PV system is installed and confirmed operational by LEU.

Lodi Interconnection Agreement
Solar Rebate Application

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