Meet the Officers

Supervisor- Office Jennifer Bender

Supervisor Jennifer Bender

In 1999 I began my career as an Animal Services Officer with the Lodi Police Department. My background and degree is in Animal Science & Business. In 2010 I was promoted to Supervisor. During these last 22 years of service I have been honored with LPD Employee of the Year twice, Employee of the Quarter with the City of Lodi and have earned a promotion to a non-sworn Sargent position. I also serve as the CEO on the Lodi Animal Services Foundation Board. I knew from the start of my career I wanted to make a difference in our community and evolve the shelter and care of animals to a higher potential and standard. I strive to improve our city shelter, make a difference in how the citizens perceive our local shelter and bring innovative ways to improve overall. We are the voice for the animals, they need us as well as we need them. I will continue to make a difference for many years to come. Thank You to everyone for their support.

Animal Services Officer Jordan Kranich

Animal Services Officer Jordan Kranich

ASO Jordan Kranich started with the department in 2016. In just four years he has been awarded Employee of the Year. Officer Kranich serves as a liaison on the Lodi Animal Services Foundation Board. His determination to improve the shelter and engage the community has been evident. From Fun Runs with Tokay High School, play yard improvements, and shelter building improvements, Officer Kranich continues to push for the best care and conditions for shelter pets as well as the staff and volunteers who care for them.   

Katie Kooyman

Animal Services Officer Katie Kooyman

ASO Katie Kooyman began her career with Lodi Police Department in 2013 under Animal Services. During her childhood years, there was always an animal in Katie's life, be it rabbit, dog or cat. She was the designated caretaker for neighboring pets while their owners vacationed. She graduated from high school and then continued her education completing a Bachelor's of Arts Degree in Sociology. Katie has always invested her full time interest in animal control by volunteering off the clock time with the animals, being an active contributor to the Lodi Animal Services Facebook page and being a liaison for the Lodi Animal Services Foundation Board. She is thrilled to continue to be an advocate for our four-legged friends!