Adult Fitness

Winter/Spring 2021

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ADULT FITNESS – Triathlon Clinic

Instructor: Daniel Wallmark

Ages: 18+ years

Fees: R$100/NR$110

A triathlon includes swimming, cycling, running, and transitions. This class will introduce the skill fundamentals from all elements of the sport. Participants will have the opportunity to train in the outdoor Enze Pool for swimming and other local areas within Lodi to practice cycling and running. Race tips and information will be provided to help participants understand the overall outlook of the sport. This class will challenge you physically and mentally to ensure you are prepared for a successful real-time race. 

ADULT FITNESS – Trail Trotting

Instructor: Elsa Hillstrom

Ages: 18+ years

Fees: R$30/NR$40

An instructed class designed for individuals who are interested in a morning walk and those who want to explore community trails and paths through Lodi Parks. This activity is a great way to be social outdoors while following proper physical distancing and exercising. The class size will be small to support the active group and enable a safe environment.