Traffic Unit

Police officer writing a ticket during a traffic stop

The primary duty of the Traffic Unit is to reduce the number of vehicle collisions within the City of Lodi. We accomplish this by increasing our visibility and focusing our enforcement at high frequency accident locations, as well as responding to requests from citizens for enhanced enforcement at specific locations. 

The Traffic Unit also investigates all injury vehicle collisions. Additionally, each member of the unit is a member of the Major Accident Investigation Team (MAIT), which investigates all serious and fatal vehicle collisions.

Staffing & Training

The Traffic Unit is currently staffed by one officer who rides Harley Davidson police motorcycles. The unit is supervised by Lieutenant Eric VerSteeg. 

Motor Officers receive extensive training when assigned to the unit. They must complete a physically demanding 80-hour course in police motorcycle operation. The entire unit maintains their riding proficiency by participating in quarterly motorcycle training. The officers must also complete a minimum of 160 hours of advanced accident investigation, which includes the use of algebra, trigonometry, and physics.

Community Oriented Policing

The Traffic Unit subscribes to the departmental philosophy of Community Oriented Policing.  The officer is responsible for monitoring and addressing traffic issues within the city.

Although we try to keep track of problem traffic areas in conjunction with the City of Lodi Traffic Engineering, we welcome your feedback regarding traffic concerns. Email Lieutenant Eric VerSteeg with feedback.

Driving Under the Influence (DUI)

The Traffic Unit conducts one DUI checkpoint each month at various locations throughout the City. In addition, each Friday and Saturday night, there are two officers assigned strictly to DUI enforcement. This enhanced DUI enforcement is in conjunction with a 2-year grant provided by the California Office of Traffic Safety. 

Our goal is to not only educate motorists on the danger of driving while intoxicated through enforcement and checkpoints but to prevent collisions and save lives.