Behavior & Training

Sometimes people feel overwhelmed with the time and patience necessary to correct a pet's problem behavior. Begin working with your pet the very first day it arrives at your home.

Establish Leadership

Your pet is looking to you for leadership. It is important for you to establish yourself as the leader and show your pet the right way to behave.

  • Introduce your new pet to the rules of the house right away.
  • Enforce these rules every time they are broken.
  • Expect mistakes and setbacks in training.
  • Praise correct behavior rather than punishing mistakes.
  • Never strike your pet, no matter how angry or frustrated you become.

Learn Training Techniques

Several local dog trainers offer obedience classes and will help you and your pet learn to overcome behavior issues.

  • Seek advice from a professional trainer, breeder or veterinarian.
  • Read books on pet training.
  • Attend training classes if needed.

Above all be patient - your pet is anxious to please you.